Privacy Policy

VirtualOfficeAmerica handles the accounting and financial information for all clients at the highest level of privacy, security and accuracy.

The VirtualOfficeAmerica privacy policy includes:

  • information collected
  • information shared
  • use of information
  • information security

Information Collected

Information VirtualOfficeAmerica collects includes:

  • company name (legal and trade names)
  • address
  • telephone number
  • employer identification number
  • bank account numbers
  • credit card numbers
  • vendor addresses
  • items of information necessary to produce payments and deposits

When a quote is requested, a VirtualOfficeAmerica representative may request other information necessary to compute the quote. Information collected can be viewed at https://secure.virtualofficeamerica.net/rfp.asp.

Information Shared
VirtualOfficeAmerica will only share information with pre-approved service providers under explicit written agreement and authority. The client is responsible for creating and authorizing additional users under the account and specifying what information those users may access.

Only authorized third parties may have access to information stored by VirtualOfficeAmerica. Access is provided by password and security class levels, so that providers do not receive any more information than is required.

Information Security
Clients must log on to the VirtualOfficeAmerica website to obtain access to any information. The website uses 128-bit SSL RSA encryption, the highest standard level of encryption in use.

Privacy Policy
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